Sports Mouthguards in Berwickshire

A recent spate of sport related incidents, treated by the Practice Team, have brought Sports Mouthguards to the forefront of our minds. Until this year NHS Borders have been one of the only Health Boards in Scotland to actively provide every child entering secondary school with a mouthguard if they wanted one. Last November, Scottish Government made national changes to the Community Dental Service which meant that this service is no longer available. The changes also renamed the Community Dental Service the Public Dental Service (PDS).

NHSBorders has worked, in conjunction with all Borders Dental Practices, to ensure that children who need a mouthguard can still be signposted to Practices that provide them. We are one of those Practices and recommend that ALL individuals – not just children – who play any form of contact sport wear a mouthguard when practising and competing. Ideally custom made as they offer better protection.


The same NHS regulations that govern our PDS colleagues mean that we cannot provide mouthguards for anyone under National Health Service regulations either. For more information about options available and costs please ask a Team member.

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