treatments and indicative costs

Our Practice offers a wide range of preventive, restorative and cosmetic treatments. We believe that these should be customised to suit each Practice members’ individual needs after discussing the options. We have, therefore, chosen not to list every item of treatment we offer but present a menu of popular choices instead. There is also an indicative cost for each one. After your examination visit, a treatment plan will be agreed and you will be given a written estimate for your care plan. Payment for your treatment may be made by cash, cheque (with a bankers card), or credit card. We will need payment in full by the final visit of each course of treatment. You may pay on the first visit or in instalments as treatment progresses. Other arrangements, such as Duns Dental Practice Plan may be agreed with your Dentist after discussion.

common treatments 2021 costs
New patient – Comprehensive Assessment (including x-rays)£89.00
Routine recall examination (including oral cancer screening)£50.90
Hygiene and Preventive advice visits£38.60
Silver amalgam fillings from:
Tooth coloured fillings from:
Mouthguards from £55.25
Crownsfrom £415.00
Non-surgical extraction (including x-rays)£73.25
from £182.00
from £475.00
Tooth Whiteningfrom £255.00
Root canal treatment (including x-rays) from £148.85
Recalled attendance from £200